Posted on December 9, 2016

White Nationalist Praises Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison’s Past Views on Race

Seth McLaughlin, Washington Times, December 8, 2016

The leader of a white nationalist group is celebrating Rep. Keith Ellison’s past views on race, saying the front-runner to become the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee was spot-on more than two decades ago when he wrote about the separation of races.

Jared Taylor, president of American Renaissance, said in a podcast titled “We Love Keith Ellison!” posted on the group’s website that he agreed with parts of Mr. Ellison past writings in which he called for a black state in America.

“Who could ask for more than that?” Mr. Taylor said after reading from a column that Mr. Ellison penned as a student at the law school.


“The only thing I don’t care for is he would do this after they had shaken us down for probably about a million dollars a head of blacks,” Mr. Taylor said. “But in any case, once we have parted ways, that is actually the society we are asking for.”


“The trouble is of course he is backing away from all of this stuff,” Mr. Taylor said. “He says, ‘I was young. This was way back in 1990. I didn’t mean it.’”

Mr. Taylor added, ‘Oh, Keith, come on, please mean it.”